SILO BY JOOST, Melbourne

Role: Assistant Designer & Project Manager

Company: Greenhouse Holdings

Eco-advocate/Designer: Joost Bakker

Photography: Pip Grenda for Broadsheet

Silo is a small cafe with a big goal, that is to produce zero waste.

Farmers deliver produce straight from the farm to the cafe in reusable crates, which are stored in custom designed shelves and refrigerated cabinets. Milk is dispensed directly from 20 litre stainless steel vats, and wine and beer is reticulated from kegs stored under fixed stools at the communal table.

Organic wheat is milled on-site daily and food waste is dehydrated to produce nutrient-rich fertiliser, which is delivered back to the farmers who supply the cafe.

Sustainable/recycled materials and energy efficient appliances have been used throughout.